What happens?


A visual inspection of your chimney and fireplace will be carried out first before any sweeping is done.


The fireplace will be fully sealed where necessary to stop any soot or debris entering the room. The chimney will then be swept using a power sweep and then vacuumed. Any debris and soot will be removed from the  premises.  If a birds nest has been removed I can leave the twigs behind for kindling!


If necessary a CCTV camera will then be sent up the chimney to check everything has been cleaned properly, and to make sure there are no obstructions or other debris.


A smoke test will then be carried out and you will receive a certificate for insurance purposes.




What is a bird guard cowl?


A cowl stops birds, squirrels, and other vermin getting access to your chimney.  They can also help prevent downdraughts and rain getting in. 


I normally have a selection on the van so please ask!   

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